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a blog for myself and those who care to know.

Posted by fozzynok on 08/03/2009

Once again I have listened to more rational voices and have decided to try to share the path walked by a Gold Star Father. I will try and share what I have experienced based on my set of values. I guess like all other things in the world now, this requires a few warnings and potential side effects. I will post the old entries some of which have had a few more tidbits added to them. This is my recollections of the days, weeks, months and years of my world. My world has forever changed and will never be the same. I will post this blog to give others some insight on what it means to a father to lose a son in a war.  A war that I agreed with, still agree with and will never disagree with. I support the then Commander in Chief and consider him the first president to stop hitting the “snooze bar” as it relates to the ever growing danger of the Islamic Fundamentalist Terror Movement and the decades old policy of appeasement and acceptance of deaths of innocents caused by their actions.

The Warnings:

1. Organized groups of those who share in the “revealed” Religions have become one of the biggest problems I have encountered since losing my son. The main problem for me is that I do not give ANY of these religions a pass. They are all the same to me and frankly to world history. The followers are all the same to me. If you dislike this, then leave the topic alone, or leave this blog and mind your own business.  I have read the Koran, The Bible, and various other works and understand fully the concepts of these religions. I pick these two specifically because the followers of both have been standing in buckets of blood of their fellow humans for centuries and have created the climate that we are now reaping.  I understand the concept and the rules of your god(s).  I do not accept them as my truth, if you accept them as yours, then I hope you find peace with that relationship. Your god, your system, your rules.

2. I do not follow one single political ideology and I an not a friend to the liberal left nor the conservative right.  I am closer to the Libertarian views on most everything. I cannot join them fully politically until they drop this nonsense of pretending that the things that we got away with in the 18th century can work today in this SMALL world. The world is a much different place and the human ape has become more hostile. We are bound to the Constitution and the constitution is what dictates what the government can or cannot to to the individual citizen and even the non-citizen. It is not about what some citizens feel they should have the government do to others citizens. We are not a simple democracy where 51% of the citizens can take away the rights of 49% of the others.  You do not have the right to never be offended.

3. I am an American. I know what an American is and there is no hyphen in the front of my “American”.  I hate the fact that the people in this country have circled the wagons in so many separate camps that there seems to be no such a thing as an American any longer. We are either we are all in this against the world as Americans FIRST. There are far too many people trying to be something other  than the happy mutts that made this country so great in the first place. We as a nation,  have not had a stellar history on being inclusive to those who look and sound different unless there is something that they had that we wanted. To think otherwise is an embarrassment and part of the reasons that this country is in the mess it is right now.  By ignoring the plight of of some of the groups that have been effected by this, breeds hate into future generations forever.

The Side Effect:

You may just have to open your eyes and accept some less than flattering truths about ourselves our country, our government and our people. We are the best people in the world in the best country in the world not only because of our “diversity’ but because there have been times where we were able to cast aside everything BUT the title American in order to just survive as a country and species “Americanus”.  When we pull together as Americans, there simply is no way to defeat us. As a country full of small tribes of hyphenated special interests surrounded by an apathetic super-majority we are doomed!

4 Responses to “a blog for myself and those who care to know.”

  1. Vickie said

    I am giving you a standing ovation right now…very well said & I agree whole heartedly with every word.

  2. olivia said

    STFU NeoCon

  3. I would say God bless you, but I’m afraid you’d take it the wrong way. That’s the nicest thing I ever say to people though. So, think of the nicest thing someone could say and that’s what I mean. I like your honesty. The world needs more honesty.

    • fozzynok said

      Aww..Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t appreciate the well wishes from the various religious following folks. Thanks for the sentiment. I know religious folks of all flavors and have even attended several different religious ceremonies. We have had the support of many many good people. We have also been the targets of some folks who use their god as a weapon. Sad but true.

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