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Thomas Curley = Inhuman Scumbag

Posted by fozzynok on 09/05/2009

Well I saw the story yesterday about the marine who was killed in Afghanistan. Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard was killed 8.14.09 after being struck by an RPG. He was a like the rest of our KIA’s with one exception. The Associated Press had a couple of embedded reporters with the Marines that day. The Marines were ambushed and during the attack, this young Marine went down. The Reporter sat there and took pictures of this young mortally wounded young man. I’m sure there were plenty of other things to take pictures of at that time. But instead, this woman took pictures of this dying Marine. The story of betrayal does not really enter there. I’m sure that there have been literally thousands of pictures taken in combat of dieing or dead troops. They were of course usually never released because these pictures were taken by military people and controlled by the military or at least people with souls.

Enter one of the most evil people on the planet and whom I now place up there with other horrid animals disguised as humans. Thomas Curley, AP’s president and chief executive officer. This man made the decision to release these photos of this young man in the final moments of his life. The story goes on to describe the corpman / medic’s attempts to save this young Marine. The whole issue was dropped in Curley’s lap. The AP talked to the Father of this Marine and in no certain terms was the family wanting the photos of their Son’s last moments broadcast across the world. The family’s wishes were trumped and completely ignored by Curley who fell back on the old standard that these vermin use in times like these. “The Associated Press reported in a story about deliberations about that photo that “after a period of reflection,” the news service decided “to make public an image that conveys the grimness of war and the sacrifice of young men and women fighting it.”

Defense Secretary Robert Gates took this case on personally and called this scumbag Curley and pretty much begged him to reconsider the family’s wishes for their son’s death photos to remain unpublished. The Secretary was politely told matter of fact wise to mind his own business. I am mortified as a Parent of a fallen soldier. It is not enough that these people have lost their son, now some evil scumbag wants to profit off of the gory pictures of their dieing son. I for one would simply remove all access to the military to the AP or anyone remotely connected to them. I would label the AP as a company who aids terrorism and toss every one of these parasites into federal prisons (ahead of all the poor little terrorists in Gitmo). If any reporters happened to be found in combat areas, they should be targeted as “terror operatives” and killed outright. The videos and pictures of these kills should be instantly transmitted to Thomas Curley’s cell with a message telling him that the military has deliberated on this and they decided to make a public image that conveys the grimness of being a terror supporting scum sucking ass clown.


6 Responses to “Thomas Curley = Inhuman Scumbag”

  1. I would like to see the family sue AP. Joshua was not a public figure and was entitled to his privacy. They violated this – unless they have a signed release form. I want them to sue AP out of business. I want them to sue because I don’t know any other way to hit them back but for the thing they care about most, the only thing they worship – money.

    I hate the pain they caused this family…and the pain it causes you and other Gold Star families. I wish there was something productive I could do…but please know that there are so many who are just as disgusted at what AP did.

    I’m sorry…

  2. Eddie said

    You are not alone sir. Many of us feel that what the AP did was wrong and disrespectful to the Service Member and his family.

  3. Joe Cortina said

    The only ‘scumbags’ in this picture were (1)the Marine who was murdering civilians in a nation where he had NO business being and (2) ‘Sec of War Crimes’ – Gates – the sadistic bastard who gets his kicks by having helpless children murdered by the tens and hundreds of thousands by our BRAVE baby killers.

    Scum like that Marine have disgraced the uniform I wore with honor before he was even born! The Godless child murdering sadistic mercenary scum in uniform today are no beter than Stalin’s butchers or Mao’s Chi-Com killers.

  4. Marilyn said

    Ummm excuse me Joe. How can you call this dying Marine a scumbag. You say we don’t belong there. Have you forgotten Sept 11th. Have you forgotten that those terrorist were trained in Afghanistan? How dare you talk about a fallen marine or soldier. You clam to have wore a uniform but I highly doubt that. You, Joe are the one who is disgracing the uniform and who is disgracing those who give you the freedom to talk the shit you talk. Whether you agree or disagree with the war is not the question because I don’t really care. However, you should support our troops. You, Joe are the scumbag and if you are so dissatisfied with our great country and if you are dissatisfied with the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, then why don’t you carry your ass to some other country. We don’t want you Joe and we don’t need you, you piece of shit.

  5. Rena said

    Joe Cortina,

    Let me guess, you served our country at a time when we were not at war? You probably spent all your time in sevice hiding behind a desk? Soaking up a paycheck for a couple of years to get your G.I. Bill? Otherwise I’m sure your butt would have clucked it’s way right up to Canada with the rest of the cowards. If we had gone to war while you were in, you’d have been one of those dorks that said, “Oh, gee, I didn’t mean to join the military and have to go to war! I just wanted to get some free money for school while I see the world on the people’s money!” You should be ashamed of yourself. If you ever actually served our country I’d like to know what branch, what rank and what war you served in. I just don’t believe that anyone who served in any branch or in any war would be stupid enough to post those comments or feel as if the family of a man killed in action should have no say whatsoever in this situation. If you feel so strongly about this, get your slimey butt out of the USA and see how much you like not having the right to bad mouth people dying for your freedoms such as the freedom of speech you just abused. I’m sure they’ll love you in Iraq.

  6. Neill Courtney said


    I had a very thoughtful reply typed out and ready to submit. But, I decided not to post it and to instead respectfully suggest that you suck my hairy English balls.



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