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The thoughts of a father who has lost a son to war

The damned sneaky things…

Posted by fozzynok on 10/18/2009

After almost two years, I finally got out the 80 GB ipod that my son bought and shipped home. We were supposed to put all of his music on it and then have it shipped it over to him in Iraq. Well, that never happened, he was killed before we could get that done. I looked at it once when it arrived and after his death I couldn’t even open the box, it sat in my room in his things. It’s been here collecting dust. My wife finally convinced me that it should be being used and that it was discussed among the family that it should be mine. I got the thing out, its lovely, all black face with a chrome back with my son’s nickname “Pokey” etched into the top. It’s something that I probably would never have bought for myself. He knew all about these things and he bought a pretty top end model.

My wife got the box out and left it out for me to get and use on a trip up to Kansas. I just left it alone for the last few days. Tonight, I got the thing out and started reading and downloading the program that makes it work. I opened the sealed plastic packaging inside the box to get to the rest of the accessories. The more things that I opened the worse that I felt until everything was opened, charging, and music ready to be placed into the thing.. I’m now so damned sad and depressed that I don’t have the will do to anything more with it right now.

Damn I hate this.

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