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Veterans Day

Posted by fozzynok on 11/11/2009

Today is (was) Veterans Day, this is a direct kin to Memorial day. Today is not the day we mourn those who have been lost while in the service to our country. Today is the day we lift those men and women who decided to put their very lives on the line for their own, their fellow man, the constitution and humanity in general. We do not make people do this anymore. Those days are long past, the volunteers who come from the veins of America represent the very best of humans. To some the military is seen and doing violence and evil things to other humans. In reality, these men and women would rather not! These men and women (and their families would much rather collect their pay and do nothing more than live the life of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine. They are on the wall 24/7. We who have served know that the men and women who followed us are now taking out places and that there will be those who follow them and take their turn.

These are real people. Real people who have to do some very tough things to just make the grade to be IN the military. They hone their skills so they do not have to use them. They train and sweat and hurt and bleed in this training and share that burden with their new family. Some of us did these things and worked and sweat and toiled for nothing more than a stint in Europe or somewhere else in the world. The costs were not high for most of us, the trials of war did not come for us. It’s part of my personal shame. I much rather would have had to fight to save the children and their future. These men and women go and do these things with their brothers and sisters and they know that they have to or they will let their brothers and sisters down. Only when they are sure that those around them can carry the load, will they stand down. They have to be injured, incapacitated or killed to not feel the urge to go.

We have a group of men and women who have been answering the call. They answer the call when a huge majority of their countrymen will not, the masses don’t really care and haven’t for some time because they know that there are those who will answer for them. This like other holidays is a change to get off work and head out to somewhere and burn hot dogs and guzzle beer. I cherish the fact that there are still a few young veterans who will share their lives with me. I want to thank every veteran from the past, those serving today and those who are in the breech to serve. I salute you!

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