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Who’s your team?

Posted by fozzynok on 09/19/2010

I guess it’s the time of year where this matters to a lot of people all over the country more than most everything else in their world. Team sports and professional sports in general have consumed a lot of people here in this country. I guess I have never really caught the bug of professional sports to the level of fanatic. I had one team that I placed all of my hopes, dreams and desires on and this team never even makes the news unless it’s a story that the dirty laundry press loves, A professional sports player gets caught using some banned substance, partaking barbaric levels of animal cruelty or gets caught up in some level of carnal knowledge with someone they shouldn’t have anything to do with… a few million dollars of penance and a few games on the sidelines counting their millions while the flames die down and they are right back in the game being loved, adored and paid the same millions of dollars because they win a game or score points in the land of make believe… a land that doesn’t exist in the real world.

People all over the country spend millions on their teams colors, they spend as much on their teams whether or not they have ever seen them play in front of their own eyes. They wear them and paint their bodies and their possessions their team colors and they speak as though they are taking all the risks and enduring the pain that those actually playing the game do, win, lost or draw, it is always “We”. We played a great game this week, Our car beat out all the others to win, We are world champions again this year. Meanwhile, my team gets hardly a notice, they go out and face real dangers with real consequences and hope only to hear from their fans once in while or to just hear from them. A few cookies, a few pictures from their biggest fans that far too common just aren’t sent often enough.

Professional sports is all the talk and the headlines on newspapers all over the country on Monday morning, meanwhile my team doesn’t get any press if they win, and you might hear a few passing numbers but rarely names on the national news as since the Vietnam war, they simply aren’t allowed to be shown as winning in anything. They answer the call for the team every time they are asked and they have been doing so since the beginning of the time. My team gets no recognition for what they do other than from their own kind, their team and their loved ones who have their hopes and sometimes prayers into. When our players enter the field, it’s sometimes thousands of miles from home, and there are no penalty kicks and the decision of the ultimate judge is definitely final.

My team is the US Military and my favorite all time player has left the field for good. This brothers play on for the same goals and for the same reasons that he did and far too few of them get any type of recognition for the things that they suffer and for the things that they do. We just got word yesterday that we lost several and scores more lives will be affected for REAL for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile tomorrow morning all you will hear is sports scores How about next week, you at least reserve a DAY to acknowledge a team from the US Military? I know that there are only about 1% of the citizens who bother to join the team.. but if you have no one on the team, you have to know someone who is or has a loved one on a team somewhere.. get to know that team and maybe even some of the players, give them a little time and make them special enough to at least think of one day a week.. Hell! How about Wednesday? Not much happens in the middle of the week? Who’s team do you root for?


3 Responses to “Who’s your team?”

  1. I’m not into sports at all, but I love the way you introduced your topic. I agree with you that the United States Military does not get the credit, the air time, the talk around the cooler (so to speak) that they deserve. I happen to be a HUGE fan of the military and am always wishing I could do something more, but for now I can’t.

    I try my best to honor your son in whatever way that I can.

  2. Your blog has been interesting to read. I am so sorry for your loss. I am not a gold star dad but a gold star sister. Our lives have been so dramatically altered since the death of my brother. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about him, wish he was here, and most of all wish we didn’t have to have a “new normal”. We hate it!! The pain in my parents eyes is unreal and like you said it really is making it one day at time. SGT Paul E Dumont JR. was killed on 8-19-09 while serving in Afghanistan for all the men and women over here so that they can keep the luxuries they have. Not everyone understands what they really give. Thank you for your son’s sacrifice and we will NEVER forget!!
    God Bless-

    • fozzynok said

      I’m sorry for your loss. The pain will always be there. It does get easier dealing with it, but there are days where we really just don’t do as well as we like. I see that your first “anniversary” was just a short time ago. The various anniversaries of missing them is the worst. As I wrote on one of the blogs, the world goes on laughing and their lives are not affected by this their calendars and watches still work, for us there are days and months where they just don’t. Not many understand. If your father ever needs anyone to talk to or just rant at or share stories with send him my way…the fathers are just harmed differently by all of this. Thank you for reading and posting.

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