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Be wary of those too eager to attend.

Posted by fozzynok on 11/16/2010

I’ve been stewing over this for a few days and today it just came to the point that I had to write some of this down and send it out there for others to either contemplate or scoff at like most other things that they don’t take the time to think over. The story is multi-faceted and of course you’d have to know more about my general feelings on religion, people and the human race in general. After having a few discussions with others about the happenings there.. I just am heartsick over what it appeared to me to be.

We had another fine young man come home to his family via Dover this week He was killed by hostile forces in Afghanistan and he like thousands of others did so to make the world a better place. He volunteered to answer his kinds call.. the same as those who answer this centuries old call do. Humanity is in trouble, his kind have gathered their nerve, joined together and bravely went out to meet this threat while others simply wave off humanity to those who have the nerve and too many damn them for it.

This young man came home to be embraced by his family, his friends and those who touched his life and those who’s lives he touched and to buried in peace and if anyone on earth deserves this right.. it is he and those warriors like him. Instead of peace he was tossed into yet another battle. This battle is ever growing and becoming something that is almost too shameful for words. This man came home to a battle between forces, which have lost sight of what they are supposed to be doing on this earth.

I know that what I’m saying will probably hit some people the wrong way, but for me it has to be said. There is a problem growing between the forces on both ends of these sad events. There are the core, who do what they do for the expressed goals of their organization. The ride captain and the core of the men and women who escorted my son home were and always will be honored and cherished by me. I am very worried that this solemn duty is in trouble of being overrun by those who simply want to “get even” or use this as a tool to get closer to ‘the enemy”.

Over the last few years, and this could be just my ever growing bitterness against the human race but there is a ever growing pack of camp followers and frankly trouble makers who have no desire to do uphold the goals of the mission of these escorts. Far too many of these people have joined to simply be in a place to “get the other guy”. I read the accounts of last Saturday and no matter how much I hate the evil protesters who show up at these warrior’s funerals, I hate what went on at that funeral even more. There was I’m sure the same wall of close protection and respect of the family and the proceedings, but there was also a loud chanting mob to counter the protesters who were just as disruptive and disrespectful as those who were intruding in my opinion. There was also vandalism involved. There was no victory or honor in this at all.

As much as I’d love to see some real harm come to these protesters, There has got to be a better way to keep the high ground these things focused to containment and reverence.


2 Responses to “Be wary of those too eager to attend.”

  1. Bushmaster said

    Amen my friend. One of the reasons there are no more yellow and blue stickers on my bike. So many have forgotten stand tall stand silent and don’t acknowledge the ug’s. Now that media made a fuss over the happenings in Mac I am afraid it is only going to get worse. So sad.

  2. Eddie said

    You raise a valid point Sir. The potential for trouble is there. Our ride captain is very specific about this issue, anyone who rides with us and makes a scene will not ride with us again. We are there for the warrior, not for the UGs or for personal attention.
    Thank you for instilling in your Son a love of Country.

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