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The Electronic Cage

Posted by fozzynok on 07/18/2011

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The PC that I have practically lived in for the last 4 years has finally bought the farm. Complete hard drive failure of some sort. I lamented about it and knew that it was coming but really had a bit of a sinister sort of death wish as it related to the PC. All of the horrible feelings from Feb 24th 2008 where contained in that hard drive. All of the letters, emails and condolences and painful past where sitting there.. begging me to go back and read and lament and suffer over the things that others had said good and bad and all painful to read and fret over. Most of the really important things like pictures are already saved and distributed and posted for me to go and look at from time to time. Like most important things, I keep them in my soul for my own selfish consumption. I have lost an electronic record of the most painful years of my life..and to tell the absolute truth. its kind of a relief. Gone are the reminders of all the “friends” that I’ve had that have tossed their damaged “friend” away. Gone are all of the websites and places were I used to be normal.. I will just get to start over with a fresh electronic mind and move on down the road. Some will probably think me horrible to even say these things.. but that’s really nothing new. Part of the electronic cage door has been opened..

One Response to “The Electronic Cage”

  1. Dana said

    Good luck to you on your new road.

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