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Happy Veterans Days – Respects on Remembrance Day

Posted by fozzynok on 11/11/2011


Good Morning Gold Star Parents and loved ones where ever you are today. Today we celebrate veterans past and present. We salute and celebrate the lives and the hard work of the veterans everywhere. We celebrate our son’s and daughters brothers. Today is a day of acknowledgment and celebration and reverence of those who served and continue to serve.

poppt lest we forget

Today (11.11.11) is also Remembrance Day or Armistice Day in Europe and the Commonwealth countries. I send my respects to your fallen sons and daughters and the huge toll that it took on your young men and countries. We remember your fallen with you also today.

Today is bittersweet for me.. I must celebrate the veterans while mourning my own, I do the best I can but sometimes I just fail miserably. I am so thankful for the veterans and love and respect all of those who allow me to stay in their lives. Today is full of videos and pictures of the wonderful homecomings and surprises of young men and women coming home to unsuspecting and then thrilled loved ones. I try my best to be happy for them and I am.. but I do sometimes feel ashamed that sometimes I cannot avoid feelings of envy and even jealousy of these things and no longer watch them. I can share in these peoples joy and the soldiers triumphant returns but some days are just harder than others I guess.

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