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The End of the War.. The continued love of hate for the masses

Posted by fozzynok on 12/19/2011

I guess it is time to go back into the personal bunker and just give up on the world in general again for a while anyway. The last few days has been a meat grinder and it’s only going to get worse as the months and next year unfold into the next national election for the President of the United States. The last combat troops have left Iraq. This opens so many emotions that have been kept away since Micheal was killed. I knew that this day would come and I KNEW that there would be the eruptions in the press and on all of the social networks as to what was and was not the Iraq war was for every single person who decides that their opinions matter more than the next guy. For most of these people they’ve never so much have lost as much as a good night’s sleep over these wars

The utter GLEE from the left and the right political factions have shown in the last few months has reached the level where I am completely ashamed of what this country and my countryman have become. The George Bush haters are back with all of their hateful discourse and they are met with the new self-proclaimed “patriots” who are waving and wrapping themselves in the American flag and of course have all of their ideas and opinions on why they are sure that the current President and Commander in Chief has lost the war and all of the losses are now all for nothing.

So I have the choice of sitting and listening to the left wing who proclaim in some of the most vitriolic nonsense that my son died for a LIE.. or now I have the right wingers declaring that we all lost or sons and daughters for nothing.. Aren’t these things basically the same sides of the coin? So they will continue on their drive to gain political advantage over their political rivals while they use our military fallen as their tool. Both sides are now equally guilty of using our fallen warriors as props and weapons to bash their rivals over the head with. My son is more than a tool or punchline to be used by these two sides. I cannot and will not try to even explain the pain that these two sides bring to those of us who have lost sons and daughters. They have nothing but their political enemies in their sites and do not care at all who they harm. My son is nothing but a number to them now.

If I have the choice of whether or not the world forgets my son or use him as a weapon in some daily political debate with the other side who uses him as the same thing.. I’d prefer that he is quickly and completely forgotten. There are a handful of people who serve this country and go off to fight for a million of their own reasons. There are a slightly larger number of people who will remember their own fallen and to hell with everyone else. I started this blog as a way to put some of my feelings and thoughts on paper for those who follow me down this trail. I hope that it does some good for people who seek something other than a cookie cutter, political damning of one side or the other.

The Holidays are upon us… I’ve given up on ever rationalizing the “Peace on Earth” – Good will To Men”. Until there are no men, will this ever be realized. Man loves death and carnage far too much for peace to ever happen and they have manufactured their gods to bless them for doing so.


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