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The miltary “supporters” and the bandwagon

Posted by fozzynok on 02/15/2012

This has been bothering me for a few days now and it is sure not seeming to get any better as the shrillness of the (supposed) military supporters gets louder and higher pitched. Whitney Houston died last week and almost instantly, some of the flag slathered part-time military supporters started their “support” of the military by publicly trashing this woman at lengths and in ways that would make the Westboro Baptist Church proud! Does this make themselves feel better and more righteous that their political enemies? Do they think that this makes the families of the fallen feel better?

I have been bombarded by people on social media doing things and sharing images that have they have always supposedly been against. I have seen more flag draped coffins used in anti-Whitney Houston rants in the last few days that I have ever cared to see. The used of the fallen in this way disgusts me at a level that is almost indescribable. You do not have the right to use images of the fallen as a political statement or in some half-witted attempt to show your fellow half assed faux patriots in some sort of patriot contest!

I was going to post the images that I have been receiving from some of you well-meaning well intentioned people, but why should I post images that I find completely disgusting.. lots of you probably already have some of them as your screen savers so you can show others how much more supportive than the other guy.. If you ARE going to use the fallen as decoration.. at least use the picture of the anti-military protest from Santa Monica.. at least those coffins are not full of real people..and you’ll not be AS disgusting.

I will be glad when the war is over and the troops come home and these juvenile, thougtless people get off the military support bandwagon, scrape the faded bumper stickers off their cars and go back to pretending to support something else..

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