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Finding Micheal

Posted by fozzynok on 05/28/2012

My wife and I attended the Memorial Day services at the Woodring Wall of Honor in Enid Oklahoma today and was glad that I had the time to do so. We were shown the different granite stones with the names of the fallen on them, and it took a while, but did find Micheal’s name among them. I kind of got a funny familiar feeling as it reminded me of the day I went to turn Micheal blue at Ft Benning.

For those who do not know, the short description is that it is a ceremony where a family member or higher rank places the blue infantry cord upon the shoulder of the soldier basically welcoming him into the infantry brotherhood. At the time of this event the company or unit is called to attention then dismiss for a few moments to allow those in the crowd to go out among the new infantrymen to present and affix the cord and “turn them blue”.

It was a great honor to do so as I had no one there to turn me blue except one of the DI’s (Vietnam Vet 101st ABN). The problem was that when they released us, we had to go and find our sons in a parade ground full of razor sharp, tan, fit and rather bald fine young men that were hardly recognizable from the somewhat shaggy and sometimes slouchy kids we had sent to them months earlier..

Today the search for his name on the granite walls reminded me of the search for him on that parade ground.. The second I saw him.. I was filled with and almost overwhelming sense of pride.. Today was no different. All together he was hidden in a sea of uniformed rows of wonderful military men… but once you see him, he is Micheal.. and I guess that’s the only difference.

Today is the day for the country to mourn our losses as a be included for a short period of time in what our lives have become for the rest of our time on the planet.. I guess for the rest, forcing one day has to be enough. I do wish sometimes for the days when that’s all I had to do.

Enid Wall

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