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We regret to Inform you

Posted by fozzynok on 02/24/2013

It has been five years.. and at this moment on this very day, I was still a whole person, whole father and we were a whole family and we were all just completely unaware. Oh how I miss the days of being considered or even feeling normal.. We all still look normal, but we are forever damaged inside. No one can see and unless you knew Micheal, you don’t know.. The brothers knew first and miss him as deep if not deeper than we do. They live with him in the hellish world of combat for all the bads and all the goods that can be made in this man made hell. A few more hours and all of our lives changed forever. We all lost Micheal on this day 5 years ago, but we all lost a different person and this day for the rest of my life,I lose him again this day every year. I miss him, I miss myself, I miss the normal and I sometimes wish that it was just more visible to others. 

Too his combat brothers on this day, thank you for being there for him and being there for us. 



One Response to “We regret to Inform you”

  1. Looking through the net all week for something like this.
    Just want to say Thanks!

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