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The last of the blogs for maybe ever..

Posted by fozzynok on 04/15/2013

Pokey and Me..

Pokey and Me..

It was never an audience nor band of followers that was ever intended or even wanted while writing this blog and even the stragglers who have found this blog by accident have faded and the country and even the world is on to other more important things than reading blogs from people like me.

I have been stewing on this comment on my blog for a few days. Adding this to the insane work schedule, the daily news and the rest of the crap that the world in general holds, I will respond to this man’s comment and then just let this blog go into cyber space to be buried under the rest of the crap that is out there… Someone who is directly looking for it may find it and get something out of it, but I guess I have said my piece and enough is enough. I’ve gotten what I can get out of it and the time has come where only detractors, general trouble making assholes and idiots to come sniffing around to make asinine comments and or take cheap politically partisan jabs at this blog and the content there in.

Here is the comment from another Gold Star Father that set the tone and struck the final nerve that I had left to share my opinions on the life of ONE father out of thousands who has lost a son in these wars.

“I believe you forgot and the liberal media taught you to forget why we went there in the first place. Yes, we did need to go to Iraq as we need to go to Iran and North Korea. Afghanistan needs to be leveled, obliterated form the face of the earth.
There’s also a time you need to put it to rest. Your son is gone, mine is gone but I look at it as better they gave their life for their country than to some drug or queer!
Look at it this way, ever hear the expression in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Well that’s us.
So get over it. Treasure the memories and move on and grow up.”

The blog comment was on was about the topic that I had addressed a few times how the world and the pacifists and selective cowards (diplomats) mainly love to pretend that they are preserving peace merely by providing the means for evil people to continue their actions and activities..instead of directly threatening them with instand and violent reactions and their heads on a platter. The absence of war does not nor has it ever meant PEACE. Only peace for those who never live in violent places and have the luxury of putting off the chance that they may soild their pretty white gloves. The peaceniks and well-meaning morons have never understood this fact. And as usual, unless war and carnage is going on in their front yard, they could give a fuck less.

Now to address this comment bit by bit.

  1.  Am not sure what the hell this idiot is referring to about what I supposedly forgot or what the media taught me on the reasons that we went to war in Iraq. That was a rather stupid and rather foolish statement.. but there were more to come.
  2. First I forgot why we went to Iraq, but for those same reasons I forgot, we are supposed to go to Iran and North Korea and now we need to level Afghanistan.. yeah.. I’m the one who is not understanding things here…
  3. Now I need to put things to rest.. as in drop the whole remembering that our sons are dead I guess.. he must have some real super powers, or he’s a heartless cunt.. either way, its his choice.. he can lay whatever to rest he wishes.. it’s a free country.
  4. He is however glad that his son died in a war rather than by some drug or some queer.. now if there are some people in the cyber world that make much sense of that other than some other inbred religious psycho, please explain that statement to me. This is so Westboro-ish and or Neo-patriotic and “conservative” that it boggles the mind.. or mine anyway.. and I think I’ve lost the rest of what I had…
  5. As for the wrong place at the wrong time.. the US forces have changed the world for the better for millions of people.. it IS and will never mean the end of violence or bloodshed in the world.. maybe this horse’s ass thinks that there was some other place better or more worthy for our sons to meet their ends.. but I for one think that if ever there was a just use of military power against an evil government and their minions, then I’m perfectly fine with the time and place… My son was a combat infantryman and wanted to do bad things to bad people so good people may have a chance in a future.. if you can find this wrong.. then OK.. that’s your fucking problem.  And Mr. Commenter, you can take that us and stick it up your ass sideways.. There is no “us” unless you have a turd in your pocket. Everyone walks this trail differently, I have never told anyone how to walk the path nor is there an instruction booklet.. however as with the rest of life.. being a big mouthed poltroon is not the way for anyone to be especially proud of especially with some topics.
  6. The final tidbit about getting over it and growing up again smacks of someone who has either lost their fucking minds or is a total fraud. If you can get over it and grow up after the death of your son in combat, I suggest that you’ve either never lost a son anywhere let alone combat. Or you never cared that much for the son in the first fucking place… Get over it? Really? The memories have been treasured and many have been shared here on this blog. The blog is or was a work of treasuring the life, legacy, and bravery of all of the sons lost to fathers..

2 Responses to “The last of the blogs for maybe ever..”

  1. Neill said

    Get over it? It’s not the fucking flu

  2. Kelly K. said

    The fact that the this man felt compelled to respond aggressively to your blog tells me that he has not, in fact, “grown up and gotten over it.” He may think he has moved on, but he has not and is probably still in the denial stage. That he came across your blog also tells me that he is still hurt, angry and searching for answers and support to his loss. That’s the key, “searching for answers and support.”
    That’s where you and your blog come in…sharing and treasuring memories of your sons’ lives, legacies and bravery.
    You may not strike a cord with every grieving father, but you will reach some to whom your blog may be their place of comfort and solace.
    You ARE doing a good thing, keep it up!

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