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A sad day, another casualty of war

Posted by fozzynok on 10/12/2013

Today I received the sad news that another warrior son has decided to take his own life. I was caught off guard by this today. I have lost my own son in combat and every day of the deployment was hell. We got them all home from Iraq and all was steady for a while, then came the deployment to Afghanistan for the adopted combat sons. The losses were greater there in wounded and dead but I had really forgotten the real truth that there are no uninjured men who go through wars. They are never whole again, they are never fully home, they are always forever at war in their minds and in their souls. Their very essence is that of the warrior at war. They have met the enemy, they have taken the damage to their minds and bodies and they have come home.

Now from here is where I start to sound like a bitter old bastard.. This is where I tell you why I think so many of these fine young people are deciding to check the hell out of their current lives. In the previous wars we have sent our military out to fight, a lot of them went for the romance and the very idea of a war as their understanding was told from victors of wars and of the glory told from the winning side. The tales were told as sanitary as an operating room. The horrors are only known to those who go.

Things were different for these new warriors. They saw instantly the images and the sounds in real time of the death and destruction and what they were in for and a handful of them volunteered to go and fight the largest TRUE evil that the species has faced since the dark ages. Today’s enemy is worse than the Nazi’s. Today’s enemy is worse than the Imperial Japanese.. WORSE! As this enemy is a divine enemy who’s reward is death and a blessing from their god. These are ignorant people in their theologies but they are human animals and their brains work perfectly well to devise way to kill their enemies with no regard to others including themselves. The barbarians are on the move with their god’s blessing and it’s a very very small world.

We sent people into their world, their barbarism, we demanded that they remain sane and civil in their world and we have done so with no regard to what it does to the human brain. Not only have our enemies sought to kill their bodies, they have also done their very best to wound their minds. There is no limit to their evilness there is no limits on what they will do to kill and maim.  But now let’s look at America. What has America done while our men and women go to war against such barbarians? The answer is… nothing! Complete apathy and even total indifference. I have watched Americans become so self-absorbed on their loss of convenience and pleasures that they have actually sought to become victims and consider themselves wounded and above all others. The only thing that matters is them and their suffering.. their loss of meaningless things.. while better men are in the living hell that is combat with a fanatical foe.

Our troops come home from this hell where they were threatened almost every second of every day with DEATH or maiming at the hands of evil. They lived the life that few men do. Life is never more precious than for those who have fought for their very lives. They come home, they get out of the hell they were in, but they also lose something very real, the life, the life of the brotherhood, the love of the brotherhood the closeness of the brotherhood. They come home to a spiteful, angry and selfish world who couldn’t care less for them nor the brotherhood as they are the most important things to them.. they don’t notice and they do not care.

I cannot think of anything more hopeless than coming from the hell that these men came out of into the world of reality tv and constant 24 hour bickering over meaningless bullshit. America is all about consumption and selfish blather. Americans are a mean, spiteful bunch. They say horrible things to each other, they take cheap shots and they will cheat to win and feel great in doing so. It’s bad enough for we who have been stuck here in the situation. But for a warrior, who has lived life and death in the hell that Is the world, I can see how living among such spiteful, petty and hateful people would seem rather futile. I am sorry to see these men make this choice and I wish that they could accept the world as it is but I understand why the feel they must force their leap into the unknown.  I hope you find the peace that you could not find in this world. I hope your family and brothers can accept the choice that you have made. I am saddened for the world for your choice as you were one of the few who fought the evil. We are running out of men who will do so. Your kind will be missed in this world even though we didn’t deserve you.


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