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Gold Stars and Empty Chairs.. Season’s Greetings

Posted by fozzynok on 12/24/2013


Season’s Greetings to all those currently down range and all those who have spent time down range with our sons and daughters when they were their combat brothers and sisters. Tonight is Christmas Eve. Tonight my adopted combat sons are preparing their homes and lives for the early morning chaos of their young one’s magic day.

I am glad to share in their lives and see them go on with their lives, with big grins and that never to be found elsewhere humor and camaraderie that they will forever share with each other from wherever their travels take them in life.

To my fellow Gold Star Families and to their brothers who feel their loss tonight and forever, try to set aside some time to shut your brain off for a few moments and allow yourself some moments of peace in these next few days. It used to be a great time in our lives.. and it can again to some degree. It must as I know that my son would not want me to suffer forever over his passing.

The pictures we have are never enough, and you’ll see the same ones from time to time, but you folks cannot see in my mind and remember all of the things that I have seen over the years with Micheal. I also cannot see what he was doing over there with his brothers, I have seen some videos and they still make me smile.

Hold on to your families and combat sons, and check in on as many as you can to make them realize that they are a gift that you cherish year round.. and that they are loved and they are thought of.

I wish that the new year brings you all health, wealth and happiness in your lives and peace.. from time to time.

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