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Tis the Season.. again..

Posted by fozzynok on 12/20/2014

Pokey and Me..

Pokey and Me..

It’s that time of year again boys and girls.. the season has really become something for me that points out most of the bad things about society and our species than good.. I find myself hunkering down and just burying myself in work (my line of work that’s almost normal) and just working through this without trying to notice the forced insanity that this season represents.

I bring this up for a good reason, I am in time warp mode during this and various times of the year.. but one thing that I will ALWAYS take care to stop and notice is my combat sons….. Please make sure that your combat sons are OK right now.. check in on them, message them. call them.. just make sure that they know there is someone out there… it’s my responsibility to them.

A lot of us have lived a lot more life than these folks.. I have not walked in their shoes as it relates to the hell that was and is war.. What I have walked through is every sort of loss and turmoil that life can bring.. I can be there as a voice of a person who lived through that shit… births, deaths, betrayals, job loss, doing dumb things,, I want all these folks to know that when they hit one of these periods of life, that it isn’t permanent, but it is very painful.. pain is real, pain ebbs, scars form.. scars are a reminder of living through these times…

I leave this message for my boys: “Hang in there combat sons.. I sure wish there was a magic switch to make all the rest of your lives perfect as I fully believe you guys deserve to live the rest of your lives in peace… but it never works that way as you still have to deal with humans.. and humans by and large suck.. people don’t care, people betray and there is no greater pain than when friends and loved ones betray you.. I have lived through that and then some.. I wish I had some snappy answers.. but I really don’t. There are no options other than to make them live with their choice and drop them from your lives and drive on without them… There are no “mistakes”… there are only choices”

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