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The thoughts of a father who has lost a son to war

Happy Birthday wherever today finds you.

Posted by fozzynok on 05/17/2015

Pokey pinwheels

Today would have been your 27th birthday. I am not sure how things go in Valhalla where you deserve to be with all of those who rose to the challenge of saving a world which doesn’t deserve you or those like you. We small group of people who knew you, loved you, lived with you and were and will always be affected by your untimely departure will always have a hole inside them which cannot be filled.  Today we remember who you were for your whole life, we miss and mourn the things that we cannot share with you and the things that you cannot share with us. We have our bad days and we have some OK days, but every day, you should know that you are missed and will until we can hopefully meet again.

I still look for you in my dreams when I’m not stuck in this world and can break away from all the chaff, noise and diversions that take my mind away from me. Those times are few and far between but I do break free occasionally and search for you. There is nothing more which I would like to do than find you again and get another hug… the last one was too short. I know you are out there somewhere, doing what you do best. Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday Son.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday wherever today finds you.”

  1. Howard Shute said

    All of us that have served feel your pain. Please know that we never forget those that have left our ranks and we will always remember those of our brothers and sisters that have given ALL. We will remember your son!
    Sua Sponte

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