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Fare the well Brothers

Posted by fozzynok on 05/11/2010

I knew that it was going to happen and in the back of my mind knew that nothing would stop this. I added one of my son’s brothers on facebook only to read that this very day, He is deploying with the Unit that we have followed for so long. This brought back a lot of memories and a lot of feelings both good and bad. We made the journey up to see Micheal off with all the sense of foreboding, angst and pride. I remember watching Micheal and his best friend nervously move about preparing to go. A whole new group practically is going off to fight the same foe, the war continues and the same percentage if not more will not even bother to notice than a brave wonderful group of men are going off to hostile, unfriendly shores to do their best for us. I made that trek up to Fort Campbell to see my son off and to start the agony of the wait, the 24/7 cycles of worry and glee when the phone came alive with my sons voice or a new message would pop up on one of the messengers. A whole new flock of parents have to start that clock and mark those calendars and wait for those phone calls and messages and letters. I feel for them and I know what they are going through and most will never know that there are many people out here who share this weight.

A problem is that for me and I’m sure many more fathers, mothers and everyone down the line, we have our own clocks and calendars and we all watch them in different, private ways. We all send the same person off, but what this person represents is different for each and every one of us. We all just have no way of knowing what the future holds for our loved one. I know that many people held their loved ones just as long and just as tight as I did that night outside the Barracks in the dark. We don’t want to let them go and curse the forces that make it a reality. These fine young men go, because they have answered a call. Men have answered this call since the beginning of time. There is a need for brave young men to go off to another part of the world to fight evil, this evil naps, but it never truly goes away. We older men curse the fact that we could not stop it, just and many of our fathers and their fathers cursed the same evil. The evil is constant and fine young men of every walk of life offer theirs to combat this evil until for a time, it is beaten into slumber once more.

I wish this new band of brothers all of the luck in the world! I hope this is a clean deployment and they make a difference in this war. Most of all, I wish that they all come home safe and sound to their families and friends. If Micheal is out there listening tonight… please watch after these guys and keep them safe.

I miss you Son..

2 Responses to “Fare the well Brothers”

  1. baptiste said

    Hello Sir,

    first of all please let me give you all the respect you deserve you and your family. I am sure what you are doing is very important for many families having people ingaged in the army. I sincerely admire all the courage and the dignity you can show in all of your posts and in your everyday life.

    I dont mean to spam your blog, I tried to find your email adress to contact you directly but I couldnt find anything on the web. Here is the reason why Im writing to you today. Im a french young photographer and I m currently looking forward to go to Irak. Last year I went to Afghanistan and spent a whole month there with the US army, I met some amazing gyes doing an incredible job.It was a truely very strong experience for me.I know how americans feel about the french army, and french people since they dropped you at the beginning of the Iraq war. I also know how you feel about journalists (I ve read your entire blog..) But I want to be completly honnest with you, I think what the US army is doing, specialy in Afghanistan is great and very helpfull for the futur of your country but also of the planet. About Irak, I dont know yet, Im waiting to be there to make my own opinion. Anyway, on my way back from Iraq, the plan is for me to go to the states with some of the Units returning back to the states, being part of the disengagement. I dont know yet where especially, but maybe Texas or california or Oklahoma…this is why I am writing to you,if in the case that I come around, let say around the end of the year (next december or january) would you be ready to meet me for a chat? would you accept me to photograph you? Obviously I dont expect you to give me an answer right now, but, meeting family members of army soldiers seems important for me. to be able to show the involvment of the whole nation…

    I could give you more details by email if you want, just let me know if you would be willing to get in contact with me.
    I am sorry in advance to bother you with such little matter, I hope you understand the interest and importance of these questions for me. wishing you a good day, and once again, excuse me to bother you, thank you so much in advance.

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