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Posted by fozzynok on 02/23/2015


Tonight is February 23, 2015. At this moment 7 years ago, I was a whole man, a whole person, belonging to a whole family. In a few short hours 7 years ago, the world for me changed. I will probably skirt on some of the ways that we as a family were affected but that is not really even possible. I am just shooting from the hip with this tonight and I may by the end of this post, be a little less than sober.  We all knew a different Micheal, we all shared the same Micheal and we all lost our Micheal.

This is how I live my life it seems and it will probably be this way until I too am gone from the planet. We grow up as humans evolving and choosing who we want to be or who we strive to be. All I ever wanted to be was a family man who raised his kids to be good people. I never planned on raising astronauts or world leaders. I just wanted to raise kids who were good humans who would live, love, laugh and who in turn would raise more good humans to do the same.

When we are handed out sons and daughters mere moments of them taking their first breaths We are at a bit of a loss for sure. We are worried about our wives, but we have been offered a golden moment that should be taken, cherished and never really disclosed to anyone. It is the first talk with a human who you have had a part in bringing to the world. This is a stellar moment that I selfishly took for myself and for my children. Every one of the four! I was handed a fresh, wonderful smelling new human who had no vices, no hatred, a clean slate. I can still smell the smell of the new life..

I took this little stolen moment to do my best to tell them about who I was and what my promises to them were and would always be. I did my best to live up to my word, but the unforgivable and damnable truth is that there is evil in the world and not all humans are born to be cherished, to be loved and to be human. This is a fact that has been a bane to humanity forever and will probably be what ends the species. I made promises to Micheal as he looked into me. I will forever feel that I betrayed him in some way. The promises I made to him, I had no business making.  In a few hours, I get to feel again the exact moment, that those promises became a lie.

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Tis the Season.. again..

Posted by fozzynok on 12/20/2014

Pokey and Me..

Pokey and Me..

It’s that time of year again boys and girls.. the season has really become something for me that points out most of the bad things about society and our species than good.. I find myself hunkering down and just burying myself in work (my line of work that’s almost normal) and just working through this without trying to notice the forced insanity that this season represents.

I bring this up for a good reason, I am in time warp mode during this and various times of the year.. but one thing that I will ALWAYS take care to stop and notice is my combat sons….. Please make sure that your combat sons are OK right now.. check in on them, message them. call them.. just make sure that they know there is someone out there… it’s my responsibility to them.

A lot of us have lived a lot more life than these folks.. I have not walked in their shoes as it relates to the hell that was and is war.. What I have walked through is every sort of loss and turmoil that life can bring.. I can be there as a voice of a person who lived through that shit… births, deaths, betrayals, job loss, doing dumb things,, I want all these folks to know that when they hit one of these periods of life, that it isn’t permanent, but it is very painful.. pain is real, pain ebbs, scars form.. scars are a reminder of living through these times…

I leave this message for my boys: “Hang in there combat sons.. I sure wish there was a magic switch to make all the rest of your lives perfect as I fully believe you guys deserve to live the rest of your lives in peace… but it never works that way as you still have to deal with humans.. and humans by and large suck.. people don’t care, people betray and there is no greater pain than when friends and loved ones betray you.. I have lived through that and then some.. I wish I had some snappy answers.. but I really don’t. There are no options other than to make them live with their choice and drop them from your lives and drive on without them… There are no “mistakes”… there are only choices”

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My life thus far.. and the loss of another one of my closest friends on this earth

Posted by fozzynok on 10/05/2014

Mallory with Cookie

Well its been a pretty whirlwind tour of try, fail and getting my teeth kicked in. So much for the old man in the sea. I worked out in California for a few months and it became glaringly apparent that there was no way things would work out unless I put every single chip on the table and doubled down on everyone’s future. If I were some single man with no cares and responsibility, I would have tossed the dice. Too much to lose, to many people would have to take the gamble with me and that is just not far to anyone.

So after four months of living with one of the best friends a man could possibly have, I had to admit to myself that it was all for naught, took my pride and just went back to a place that I have no allegiance to, a place that holds practically nothing that is good for me. A place that I refuse to be buried, a place that I would have never chosen to die in and a place I flat out refuse to be buried in.. So anyone who reads this.. if you hear of my passing for some reason.. I’ve told more that a few people where I’m wanting to wind up.. and at that point, I will be the old man in the sea.

I got back to Oklahoma, and it seems like everything instantly started to crater at ever increasing speed. The dryer quit working, a couple of auto calamities, personal family things, and the list went on and on. Add that to the fact that the job market here apparently is for those either under my age or over my current social status. I have never ever been without a job this long in my life. Sitting and looking out the window and at several sources for jobs is nothing that can remotely called relaxing. I have lots of people who say that I deserve a break. I wish I had that ability to relax.

The most traumatic event and this is going to sound really dumb after all the things that have happened over the years was the loss of my oldest and dearest little fur kid. It’s one of those things that you know will happen and one of those things that you accept as a pet owner. I have yet to hear from anyone who has just breezed through one of these things. This was as rough as I had imagined it, and just don’t want to have to do this again anytime soon

My wife originally acquired the little wayward dog. She was a cute little thing, a small Rat Terrier, with spots here and there and button ears and a fearless way about her. She was young just barely out of here puppy days and she like many other creatures, wandered into our lives and just decided that this was the place she wanted to be. I was against having the little dog as we were renters at the time and this was a no no. I just accepted that the four kids and the wife outranked me in this and settled in for what turned out to be a long long ride with what would become one of my cherished little items in my life. She became my dog, I never plan these things, I’m just apparently a sucker for animals.

The decision was to alter the name I had originally suggested.. I called her “Mallet head” for a few days and the family had decided that “Mallory” was a lot better to call this little pup. She was dirty and grimey and full of fleas as her owners were the type of pet owner who should of course never be allowed to own anything.. even a gold fish. She came, she stayed, and I was pretty much hers, and she was more mine than I would ever admit.

Mallory was around for almost 15 years. Years that saw little kids grow and become young adults, and then we saw my family move in other directions, she was there for the good days and she comforted me in the bad, dark days when I needed her to be there for nothing more than a little sounding board. All she required is a scratch and an pet, and some of my meals, that I of course gave way to much of. She was one of my only friends here. and I’m glad to say, I was one of hers.

Came the days where she just started showing the wear and tear of her life on her little body. She was still full of fire, but her body just couldn’t answer the call anymore. She started losing her teeth as some of the little breeds do. She started getting thin and her gait became rather spindly and uncertain,  We had started feeding her more food away from the other four legged family members, and she seemed to perk up for a few weeks. Then the morning came where I woke up and lifted her off of the bed and placed her on the floor so she could join the pack and lead them outside like always.

Instantly I noted that she wasn’t right, her left rear leg was no longer working and she could not hold herself up. She didn’t show any signs of pain, she just seemed very confused and upset. I watched her through the day, kept her wrapped up, and we called the vets.. no one could see her, so we made an appointment for the morning. This was something I knew would not be a good thing. She got worse and weaker throughout the day.

As nightfall approached, she started showing a lot of distress, she would try and get up and run and it was agonizing to watch.. I tried to comfort her and keep her in place and calm. I stayed up with her all night just wishing that she would calm down. Just before morning she stopped responding. The pain I guess was just too much for her and it was agonizing and as helpless a period of time I have probably as I had felt in a long time. I was scratched all up as she would start thrashing around trying to make herself work again, I would try and calm her and talk to her. The morning came and the clock came to the time we had to take her in.

We walked in and sat down and waited for the vet to call us back. We finally got back into an examining room, I at this point was prepared for what was coming. The vet walked into the room and his first response was sort of a sigh.. and he knew what it was and that there was really nothing to be done. I held her for a little while, but I don’t think she was really there anymore. The vet told us basically to say our goodbyes and let him know when to return.. We were asked not to stay in the room. I wish I could have done so, but she was no longer there. I couldn’t hold back the tears, it was really bad, I felt guilty over it and still do. I handed her to the vet assistant, rubbed her head one more time and we left the office. It was one of the worst days of my life.

Thank you Mallory, I love you and I will miss you until we meet on the other side of the curtain. You never failed me as many humans have and I will miss your kindness and warmth.

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Time to go back home… even though you can never go home.

Posted by fozzynok on 06/15/2014

I have not been around much to write anything nor has much come up that I felt didn’t make me look or sound ungrateful or even more depressed and out of touch than I have been seen to be. A couple of months ago, I decided that I was done pretending. Done living in a place which had only one redeeming quality… and that it was cheap to live there. That comes at a larger cost that I had ever imagined. I saw the writing on the wall at my job. The do nothings and know nothings were closing in… And I beat them to the punch, found a local job in California and resigned from the place that probably kept me alive for the last few years.

The move from the small town to the once small town I lived in in my younger years but which now is rather large has been started. I am here, working and staying with one of my old true friends… another of the few forces that has kept me willing and able to stay alive… He has pulled me out of that hole I was in and allowed me a break from the crushing forces that were probably going to kill me.  

I made the jump, packed some clothes, loaded the bike into the truck and struck out to try and go forward into some light and away from the dark life that was just something to be waited out. I have been here for a couple of months and there is most assuredly good and bad… just being here and seeing the sights, smelling the smells and hearing the voices of friends and family has made me realize that this was long overdue.

There have been moments of regret… but that is normal for me at this stage. Waiting for the trap door to open, waiting for the trap to spring while standing directly in the kill zone. I am among the living, the undamaged, the unaware… while some of that is what I have experienced forever… this is different. I am still feeling damaged, and the damage is totally invisible to those who live the normal lives of the blessed undamaged. Dates, times, sights and feeling the loss is amplified lately.

Armed Forces day, Mother’s day, Memorial Day, all of these have their own significance to me.  Being here has made this feeling of being an invisible freak more glaring. I walked around the Airbase here, this was full of memories that triggered a lot of emotions and stirred up the dark shapes all over again. The difference? The bunker was always there to run to… the place that I just left was at least safe and like some kid covering his head to escape the monster in the closet… the bunker served a purpose.

I walked around the flight line that day, feeling and seeing things that no one else could see. I was born there, visited there as a child, landed at the Travis AFB terminal when we returned from Guam… they are all there still. Travis was where we as a young family would look forward to every year on the 4th of July…  Micheal loved the place as much as I did… and it was joy filled to see his excitement and awe of the military planes and history there…

So I hope to have the family out of “there” and here to help me live life that I want to live soon. But their absence is just something that was impossible to prepare for. I miss them all very much. 


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So…. Bye…

Posted by fozzynok on 03/20/2014

It has been announced that Fred Phelps the supposed preacher leader and founder of the Westboro Baptist Church has died. How should this make me feel? Far too many people are cheering this like it means something, It means nothing. I have watched the world with different eyes as I age and learn and become more and more honest about both; humans, the world and myself. My son was killed in a war, a war that most people here in the country never even cared about and a war that was used as a political tool by some of my countrymen to change political winds to gain power.

We had the WBC saying horrible things in public about the troops.. and since I am considered by most an atheist.. what he and his minions were saying didn’t upset me in the least as its all bullshit. Even if I believed in the mythology, I certainly have never thought for one moment that even they believe the nonsense that they babble.

The babble what they do to get instant and national attention.. like some annoying commercial or some wardrobe malfunction, Americans remember very little else for as long. I have also had enough conversations with other religious people in the political party that I used to belong to that mimicked and mirrored what the WBC says down to ONE difference… they do not like the venue that the WBC uses to get their attention. They are just as repulsive, just as rhetorically violent and in fact more physically threatening that the WBC has ever been. I have heard so many people infer that gods wrath against my country is coming and for the same reasons and it comes from so many sources other than the WBC that its pathetic.

Fred Phelps and his clan have a good gimmick, and it worked every time..They collected a lot of wealth from civil trials, they have gotten rich from people reacting. They have peoples interest and they have people’s ire and they have distracted people from doing good things and enjoying their lives. I have seen the change from one of silent wall of respect from those who try to shield the families of the fallen at funerals where the WBC appears. While that remains intact to a degree, I see more of the militant hate and have seen the militants disrupt a funeral and cheer their “success” against the WBC and have patted themselves on the back for doing so… On a day where they were supposed to be honoring one of America’s fallen military sons. So while they were congratulating themselves about turning a soldiers final day with is family into some evil battleground to get their enemies.. I ask them, what makes you any less destructive to this man’s and his family’s worst day? How did you improve things?

So spare me the dance and cries of joy and victory laps over the death of one idiotic old huckster like you’ve personally gotten some victory. This changed nothing at all for me or for the fallen or even for the families of the fallen. The country is still overall, apathetic, lethargic, lazy and woefully ignorant of history… but damn they can sure get on a bandwagon and wave a flag.
The bottom line is that I cannot hope that some old asshole has been sent to the same hell that he (and others) believe that my son and several other people who they hate have and will be sent to. The threats of hell is just as useless a tool to me and the world as promises of heaven… Fred Phelps is dead.. and my life is not going to be improved or even altered by that fact.

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When the marbles fall out.

Posted by fozzynok on 01/16/2014

Not sure when I became crazy or an over emotional waste of space, but today, I lost a bit of my mind. I know that the world is full of people who are crude, rude and abrasive and for me in most and certain times I consider myself all of the above and don’t really care who thinks that of me. I have worked at never reacting to things and always responding to them. Today I reacted and it was pretty much an uncontrollable response like getting kicked in the balls.

I think everyone has sometimes wondered what certain mental issues feel like, things that the mind is certain of and the body (controlled by the mind) reacts to stimuli from the brain. I long time ago, I got to experience a real quick onset of vertigo. I had this event happen while standing on a ladder 30 feet about the ground with a crane above me that was swinging an air handler toward the stand that I was hooked to so I could guide it and secure it to the stand.. The crane was moving slowly and steadily, and was swinging the machine my way… for some reason and I still do not know what did it… I got hit with vertigo. The machine stopped moving (in my brain) and the building, the stand and the ladder started to fall down (in my mind) I felt it moving and of course I must have been one hell of sight up their grabbing and flapping around as I “fell” when I wasn’t moving anywhere.

Well, I always wondered about flashbacks… Many people who have had stresses and traumatic things happen have flashbacks. Now I know what one of those feel like and it really pissed me off!! Why? Hell! I don’t know… It beat vomiting I guess. It cost me one of the combat sons and admittedly he probably never even considered what he did as anything less than a “funny” video that was shared on the internet. To me it was something that triggered what I guess was a full blown flashback.

The term Catfishing is a new word and has to do with people on the internet who make up a character and use that character as if the person is real. They interact with people as this persona and then in the end, someone puts the people they have been conning and ooh boy! It’s supposedly a real funny moment. To me I think it’s one of the dumber, jackass activities that people now love to play, lying and misrepresenting yourself to others and then making them look foolish is funny to some people.

Well today I was caught up and cruising Facebook for odd things that friends have posted and came across a video on one of the combat kid’s pages… Not thinking that this is anything completely horrible, I opened the link and made it about 30 seconds into it before I had the flashback occur. This was not even a real “catfishing” incident. This was a spoof of a catfishing incident which made it worse and more to cause me to melt down.

All I got to was the military uniforms and a folded flag and the “funny” part was that the catfisher was spoofing a soldier somewhere and the notification team was sent to them… Funny? I honestly for the life of me do not know HOW this could be seen as funny to anyone, let alone military people whose friends and brothers have been sent home to their families. I understand that these men have been through a ton of shit, I understand that lots of professions get “gallows humor” as a defense against the realities. I wasn’t ready for that and it hurt me deeper than anyone would have guessed. Some other person was on the page and what set me off was some comment directed toward me as being the fake insulted person…

Yeah, the flashback was fake… the instant I realized what the video was about… instantly I was in my front yard and they were there.. The wailing, the burning the white sounds,the confused and broken family the realization that my son was dead and there was not getting out of it at that point. The exit of the two uniformed men, My daughter driving up with her friends and getting the news from my wife, I guess I just don’t get the humor linked to this in any way.  I guess this is where I join the group that gets told that being offended is some sort of personal weakness… Well, some things should be off limits and some things just aren’t funny. I guess it was more WHO was posting this vile thing and not what. 

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Gold Stars and Empty Chairs.. Season’s Greetings

Posted by fozzynok on 12/24/2013


Season’s Greetings to all those currently down range and all those who have spent time down range with our sons and daughters when they were their combat brothers and sisters. Tonight is Christmas Eve. Tonight my adopted combat sons are preparing their homes and lives for the early morning chaos of their young one’s magic day.

I am glad to share in their lives and see them go on with their lives, with big grins and that never to be found elsewhere humor and camaraderie that they will forever share with each other from wherever their travels take them in life.

To my fellow Gold Star Families and to their brothers who feel their loss tonight and forever, try to set aside some time to shut your brain off for a few moments and allow yourself some moments of peace in these next few days. It used to be a great time in our lives.. and it can again to some degree. It must as I know that my son would not want me to suffer forever over his passing.

The pictures we have are never enough, and you’ll see the same ones from time to time, but you folks cannot see in my mind and remember all of the things that I have seen over the years with Micheal. I also cannot see what he was doing over there with his brothers, I have seen some videos and they still make me smile.

Hold on to your families and combat sons, and check in on as many as you can to make them realize that they are a gift that you cherish year round.. and that they are loved and they are thought of.

I wish that the new year brings you all health, wealth and happiness in your lives and peace.. from time to time.

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Rubber Bands.. the secret revealed

Posted by fozzynok on 11/25/2013


Last night, my wife pointed out a couple of these things and we just sat there kinda stupefied letting it sink in. The moment happened while watching the movie “Memphis Belle”. To be honest it had been years since I had watched the movie. When Micheal was a little boy we bought the VHS copy and watched it. I think he was about three years old.

WW2, history, the air war and lots of things was why I wanted the movie, It was a good although not very historically accurate movie as it related to that specific plane but for presenting all the dangers and stuffing the perils of the air war over Europe it was a great movie.

The first time we watched the movie (and you’d have to really watch to understand this blog in particular) a few things go on and Micheal as a very tiny boy seemed to understand and he really got into the movie more than anything I’d ever seen. In the end, the crippled bomber is barely making it to England and battle damage had made it impossible for the crew to lower one of the main landing gear.

There are members of the crew cranking frantically to get the gear down using a mechanical crank.. they crank and crank and take turns cranking as the plane heads for the runway.. this is where little Micheal hops up off the floor and starts “helping” them crank the landing gear down.. man he was giving it hell! He helped them get the gear down and when the plane landed he was so happy..

Micheal watched the movie a lot.. more than I think we even knew. We shared the love of history and military things and he even got as bad as I was an naming planes on sight in videos and movies and pictures. It was neat to see a kid who was so into these things (like me).

Fast forward to last night.. 2013. We are watching the movie and of course I’d seen the movie a thousand times and wasn’t even thinking about it.. there is a scene where one of the crewman loses his good luck charm.. he frantically digs for it and another crewman fakes throwing it out of the plane and a practically meltdown occurs.  The Radio Operator runs in to see what the problem is and gives the gunner HIS lucky charm.. a lucky rubber band worn on his wrist.

  • 00:57:41 I’m finished, Danny, finished!
  • 00:57:45 No, you’re not. Here.
  • 00:57:47 Take my lucky rubber band.
  • 00:57:50 It works! I swear to God it works. You’ll be all right. Okay?
  • 00:57:55 You’ll be okay! I want it back.

As soon as my wife mentioned the rubber band.. it struck us. THIS is where my son gained HIS lucky charm. We or I certainly never put that together. It all makes sense now. The rubber bands were there for a long time, even before the military.. so he gained something from a movie and brought it to life and practical application. We have worn rubber bands now and again or when the mood strikes.

The other odd thing that my wife picked up on and that I checked afterwards (cause the move does take a lot of liberties for effect) that the Memphis Belle and her crew was the first Bomber to complete the 25 mission requirement that allowed them to rotate home. The mortality was such that it was almost impossibility. They were the first crew to do it… and that date was May 17th 1943, My son was born on May 17th. Such strange thing appear when you aren’t really paying attention.

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A sad day, another casualty of war

Posted by fozzynok on 10/12/2013

Today I received the sad news that another warrior son has decided to take his own life. I was caught off guard by this today. I have lost my own son in combat and every day of the deployment was hell. We got them all home from Iraq and all was steady for a while, then came the deployment to Afghanistan for the adopted combat sons. The losses were greater there in wounded and dead but I had really forgotten the real truth that there are no uninjured men who go through wars. They are never whole again, they are never fully home, they are always forever at war in their minds and in their souls. Their very essence is that of the warrior at war. They have met the enemy, they have taken the damage to their minds and bodies and they have come home.

Now from here is where I start to sound like a bitter old bastard.. This is where I tell you why I think so many of these fine young people are deciding to check the hell out of their current lives. In the previous wars we have sent our military out to fight, a lot of them went for the romance and the very idea of a war as their understanding was told from victors of wars and of the glory told from the winning side. The tales were told as sanitary as an operating room. The horrors are only known to those who go.

Things were different for these new warriors. They saw instantly the images and the sounds in real time of the death and destruction and what they were in for and a handful of them volunteered to go and fight the largest TRUE evil that the species has faced since the dark ages. Today’s enemy is worse than the Nazi’s. Today’s enemy is worse than the Imperial Japanese.. WORSE! As this enemy is a divine enemy who’s reward is death and a blessing from their god. These are ignorant people in their theologies but they are human animals and their brains work perfectly well to devise way to kill their enemies with no regard to others including themselves. The barbarians are on the move with their god’s blessing and it’s a very very small world.

We sent people into their world, their barbarism, we demanded that they remain sane and civil in their world and we have done so with no regard to what it does to the human brain. Not only have our enemies sought to kill their bodies, they have also done their very best to wound their minds. There is no limit to their evilness there is no limits on what they will do to kill and maim.  But now let’s look at America. What has America done while our men and women go to war against such barbarians? The answer is… nothing! Complete apathy and even total indifference. I have watched Americans become so self-absorbed on their loss of convenience and pleasures that they have actually sought to become victims and consider themselves wounded and above all others. The only thing that matters is them and their suffering.. their loss of meaningless things.. while better men are in the living hell that is combat with a fanatical foe.

Our troops come home from this hell where they were threatened almost every second of every day with DEATH or maiming at the hands of evil. They lived the life that few men do. Life is never more precious than for those who have fought for their very lives. They come home, they get out of the hell they were in, but they also lose something very real, the life, the life of the brotherhood, the love of the brotherhood the closeness of the brotherhood. They come home to a spiteful, angry and selfish world who couldn’t care less for them nor the brotherhood as they are the most important things to them.. they don’t notice and they do not care.

I cannot think of anything more hopeless than coming from the hell that these men came out of into the world of reality tv and constant 24 hour bickering over meaningless bullshit. America is all about consumption and selfish blather. Americans are a mean, spiteful bunch. They say horrible things to each other, they take cheap shots and they will cheat to win and feel great in doing so. It’s bad enough for we who have been stuck here in the situation. But for a warrior, who has lived life and death in the hell that Is the world, I can see how living among such spiteful, petty and hateful people would seem rather futile. I am sorry to see these men make this choice and I wish that they could accept the world as it is but I understand why the feel they must force their leap into the unknown.  I hope you find the peace that you could not find in this world. I hope your family and brothers can accept the choice that you have made. I am saddened for the world for your choice as you were one of the few who fought the evil. We are running out of men who will do so. Your kind will be missed in this world even though we didn’t deserve you.

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The last of the blogs for maybe ever..

Posted by fozzynok on 04/15/2013

Pokey and Me..

Pokey and Me..

It was never an audience nor band of followers that was ever intended or even wanted while writing this blog and even the stragglers who have found this blog by accident have faded and the country and even the world is on to other more important things than reading blogs from people like me.

I have been stewing on this comment on my blog for a few days. Adding this to the insane work schedule, the daily news and the rest of the crap that the world in general holds, I will respond to this man’s comment and then just let this blog go into cyber space to be buried under the rest of the crap that is out there… Someone who is directly looking for it may find it and get something out of it, but I guess I have said my piece and enough is enough. I’ve gotten what I can get out of it and the time has come where only detractors, general trouble making assholes and idiots to come sniffing around to make asinine comments and or take cheap politically partisan jabs at this blog and the content there in.

Here is the comment from another Gold Star Father that set the tone and struck the final nerve that I had left to share my opinions on the life of ONE father out of thousands who has lost a son in these wars.

“I believe you forgot and the liberal media taught you to forget why we went there in the first place. Yes, we did need to go to Iraq as we need to go to Iran and North Korea. Afghanistan needs to be leveled, obliterated form the face of the earth.
There’s also a time you need to put it to rest. Your son is gone, mine is gone but I look at it as better they gave their life for their country than to some drug or queer!
Look at it this way, ever hear the expression in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Well that’s us.
So get over it. Treasure the memories and move on and grow up.”

The blog comment was on was about the topic that I had addressed a few times how the world and the pacifists and selective cowards (diplomats) mainly love to pretend that they are preserving peace merely by providing the means for evil people to continue their actions and activities..instead of directly threatening them with instand and violent reactions and their heads on a platter. The absence of war does not nor has it ever meant PEACE. Only peace for those who never live in violent places and have the luxury of putting off the chance that they may soild their pretty white gloves. The peaceniks and well-meaning morons have never understood this fact. And as usual, unless war and carnage is going on in their front yard, they could give a fuck less.

Now to address this comment bit by bit.

  1.  Am not sure what the hell this idiot is referring to about what I supposedly forgot or what the media taught me on the reasons that we went to war in Iraq. That was a rather stupid and rather foolish statement.. but there were more to come.
  2. First I forgot why we went to Iraq, but for those same reasons I forgot, we are supposed to go to Iran and North Korea and now we need to level Afghanistan.. yeah.. I’m the one who is not understanding things here…
  3. Now I need to put things to rest.. as in drop the whole remembering that our sons are dead I guess.. he must have some real super powers, or he’s a heartless cunt.. either way, its his choice.. he can lay whatever to rest he wishes.. it’s a free country.
  4. He is however glad that his son died in a war rather than by some drug or some queer.. now if there are some people in the cyber world that make much sense of that other than some other inbred religious psycho, please explain that statement to me. This is so Westboro-ish and or Neo-patriotic and “conservative” that it boggles the mind.. or mine anyway.. and I think I’ve lost the rest of what I had…
  5. As for the wrong place at the wrong time.. the US forces have changed the world for the better for millions of people.. it IS and will never mean the end of violence or bloodshed in the world.. maybe this horse’s ass thinks that there was some other place better or more worthy for our sons to meet their ends.. but I for one think that if ever there was a just use of military power against an evil government and their minions, then I’m perfectly fine with the time and place… My son was a combat infantryman and wanted to do bad things to bad people so good people may have a chance in a future.. if you can find this wrong.. then OK.. that’s your fucking problem.  And Mr. Commenter, you can take that us and stick it up your ass sideways.. There is no “us” unless you have a turd in your pocket. Everyone walks this trail differently, I have never told anyone how to walk the path nor is there an instruction booklet.. however as with the rest of life.. being a big mouthed poltroon is not the way for anyone to be especially proud of especially with some topics.
  6. The final tidbit about getting over it and growing up again smacks of someone who has either lost their fucking minds or is a total fraud. If you can get over it and grow up after the death of your son in combat, I suggest that you’ve either never lost a son anywhere let alone combat. Or you never cared that much for the son in the first fucking place… Get over it? Really? The memories have been treasured and many have been shared here on this blog. The blog is or was a work of treasuring the life, legacy, and bravery of all of the sons lost to fathers..

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