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Remember Pearl Harbor, for more than the date.

Posted by fozzynok on 12/07/2012

Pearl HarborToday is Pearl Harbor day. It should be a day of respect for those who were killed in the attack and a day to reflect on what that day means to the history of mankind. Today there have been many references to Pearl Harbor and it seems to me an obligatory task for those whose job it is to create news snippets to feed the general public on before they run out into their blissfully ignorant existences to live their lives and pay their bills.
The sadness that I felt as a skimmed over the news sites and social media pages about the event and the overall general ignorance and hatefulness of some Americans comments this morning was all too familiar about most days with events like this tied to them. There happened to be an earthquake in Japan this morning. For some idiots this gave them something to be happy about or to proclaim that their god sent this earthquake as punishment for Pearl Harbor.
Pearl Harbor reminds me of a something else. Pearl Harbor was historically the beginning of Americans general cluelessness and carelessness about their ideas of what war is. America fights and dies offshore. People all over the world know what war is better than ANY American does. It’s that simple. War for the general American populace happens in books newspapers, newsreels on TV sets.
America sends its best out to fight so they are protected and safe and warm and never feel even the slightest tremor of anything other than in the case of WW2 some rationing and some meaningless and propaganda based drills. America’s last taste of war among them was in 1865. They do not know war. Our veterans know war; our military has prepared for and fought the wars that the general public has conveniently been able to avoid.
Since the large world wars have ended and since the draft was ended, it has caused Americans to become even more removed from wars and the horrors involved there. The Americans simply do not know war and do not care about what war actually is. They like most other things get to sit on their backsides, make comments without knowledge or care, and complain that the store was out of their favorite brand of hot chocolate.
Pearl Harbor has become a lot of things that it wasn’t. Pearl Harbor after the war became more explainable as less an act of treachery and more a case of inept politician and embassy workers. Pearl Harbor drew America into WW2; Germany declared war on America shortly after this attack. America geared up and sent troops off to fight. But like today Americans do not fight wars… America’s military fight wars and historically never within sight or earshot of the general American public. Americans have never felt the terror of air attacks, never had to dig dead people out of the rubble, never had to evacuate their lands to flee foreign armies, and never had to live life under war conditions.
Today I salute all of the American veterans who wore the uniform that day and woke to find that they were under attack and the world had been forever changed. I remember and mourn for the fallen who never got the chance to live their lives the fullest. I also remember that Pearl Harbor was not in the United States and not even a state at the time. And I remember that this was the day that meant millions of humans would die all over the world because of it and it seems that the American general public has not been effected by it at all.

One Response to “Remember Pearl Harbor, for more than the date.”

  1. larrynamvet said

    I agree completely. The United States is not at war!!! Its military is!

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