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So…. Bye…

Posted by fozzynok on 03/20/2014

It has been announced that Fred Phelps the supposed preacher leader and founder of the Westboro Baptist Church has died. How should this make me feel? Far too many people are cheering this like it means something, It means nothing. I have watched the world with different eyes as I age and learn and become more and more honest about both; humans, the world and myself. My son was killed in a war, a war that most people here in the country never even cared about and a war that was used as a political tool by some of my countrymen to change political winds to gain power.

We had the WBC saying horrible things in public about the troops.. and since I am considered by most an atheist.. what he and his minions were saying didn’t upset me in the least as its all bullshit. Even if I believed in the mythology, I certainly have never thought for one moment that even they believe the nonsense that they babble.

The babble what they do to get instant and national attention.. like some annoying commercial or some wardrobe malfunction, Americans remember very little else for as long. I have also had enough conversations with other religious people in the political party that I used to belong to that mimicked and mirrored what the WBC says down to ONE difference… they do not like the venue that the WBC uses to get their attention. They are just as repulsive, just as rhetorically violent and in fact more physically threatening that the WBC has ever been. I have heard so many people infer that gods wrath against my country is coming and for the same reasons and it comes from so many sources other than the WBC that its pathetic.

Fred Phelps and his clan have a good gimmick, and it worked every time..They collected a lot of wealth from civil trials, they have gotten rich from people reacting. They have peoples interest and they have people’s ire and they have distracted people from doing good things and enjoying their lives. I have seen the change from one of silent wall of respect from those who try to shield the families of the fallen at funerals where the WBC appears. While that remains intact to a degree, I see more of the militant hate and have seen the militants disrupt a funeral and cheer their “success” against the WBC and have patted themselves on the back for doing so… On a day where they were supposed to be honoring one of America’s fallen military sons. So while they were congratulating themselves about turning a soldiers final day with is family into some evil battleground to get their enemies.. I ask them, what makes you any less destructive to this man’s and his family’s worst day? How did you improve things?

So spare me the dance and cries of joy and victory laps over the death of one idiotic old huckster like you’ve personally gotten some victory. This changed nothing at all for me or for the fallen or even for the families of the fallen. The country is still overall, apathetic, lethargic, lazy and woefully ignorant of history… but damn they can sure get on a bandwagon and wave a flag.
The bottom line is that I cannot hope that some old asshole has been sent to the same hell that he (and others) believe that my son and several other people who they hate have and will be sent to. The threats of hell is just as useless a tool to me and the world as promises of heaven… Fred Phelps is dead.. and my life is not going to be improved or even altered by that fact.

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